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Star International Waste Management LLC:


Star International Waste Management LLC is a joint venture of three international companies MBM (ETA Ascon Group) from UAE, Dallah from Saudi Arabia, & Urbaser from Spain.

Star international is currently running the following projects.

Clinical waste incineration plant – operation, maintenance, monitoring and control & BOT of a fallen stock incineration plant.

Landfill Compound & Crushing Plant, Operation, Maintenance, Monitoring & Control


Urbaser is a global Leader in the treatment and management of waste. The company’s activities are focused on street cleaning, waste collection, transport treatment, recycling of urban waste, comprehensive management of the waste cycle, and maintenance of public parks and gardens. Urbaser managed different types of solid urban waste treatment and disposal facilities around the globe including Solid Urban waste Pre-Treatment Plants, Energy recovery Plants, Bio-Gas Plants, Composting Plants, Regulated Landfills, and Transfer Plants .

Urbaser is also a leader in the collection and treatment of used mineral oil, the collection and treatment of hospital waste and the treatment and disposal of industrial waste.

Clinical Waste Incineration Plant:

The safe transportation and disposal of highly infectious wastes from Health Care Facilities which includes hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, pharmacies, veterinary clinics & other establishments in Al Ain. The project comprises two incinerator lines, each of 250 kg/h capacity.

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Fallen Stock Incineration Plant:

The project is the first of its kind in the UAE, specifically designed for the Incineration of animal carcasses collected in Al Ain. The Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT), project comprises two incineration lines each of 650 kg/ hr capacity.

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Sanitary Landfill:

One of the specialized engineered landfill around the globe which has geo textile membrane laid inside with slitted pipe lines for easy leachate collection and ground water protection. The landfill has four cells for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and one cell for Hazardous Waste, which is reserved only for fly ashes from Clinical Waste Incinerator. Landfill has the capacity of around 3.8 million cubic meters which is sufficient for the estimated period of 20 years.

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Crushing Plant:

It’s a 20 years BOT contract for construction & demolition (C&D) waste Crushing plant in Al-Ain. The plant has the designed capacity of 2000 tons per day and daily. The plant is equipped with the latest technology of feeding, separation, segregation, screening and crushing. Aggregates of different sizes like 0-5 mm, 0-10 mm 0-37.5 mm are produced as a result of recycling.

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